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Our Philosophy


The aim of the Academy for Learning dba Applied Scholastics Academy Las Vegas is to prepare each student to succeed in life. The emphasis is upon increasing their self-determinism and in restoring, not overriding, his or her natural ability to learn, to think, and to observe. Our goal is to empower the student with the ability to be the guardian of his or her own knowledge.

The benefits of Academy for Leaning. Your Child will never be left behind. No bullying, no drugs, no violence on campus. Your child deserves individual attention that gets lost in large classes. At our school, small class sizes allow your child to receive individual attention and individualized curriculum that matches their goals for the future.

The Applied Scholastics Academy Las Vegas is a private, non-profit school licensed by Applied Scholastics International, which licenses private schools that span the globe. Applied Scholastics uses Study Technology developed by author and humanitarian, L. Ron Hubbard. This technology consists of practical, workable methods of teaching which will make your child’s education more beneficial, effective, and fun.


Any child will be found to have a natural ability and desire to learn. It has been proven that if he or she does not have a purpose or reason for learning or has become confused, their ability and desire to learn will be less.


A child (or an adult for that matter), starting out with great interest in learning, commonly gives up on a subject or gives up on study altogether if he or she gets too many confusions. We clear up any earlier confusion and ensure that the student has a full understanding of his/her materials so that what is learned can be applied. Students learn at their own pace. With this study methodology and small class size, it is possible to advance rapidly.


We are an 11 month school, 10 months 5 days a week 9am to 3pm. One summer school month Monday thru Thursday 9am to 3pm.

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