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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Applied Scholastics?
Applied Scholastics is an international education organization providing Study Technology, a precise set of learning tools developed by American author and educator L. Ron Hubbard, Its purpose is to promote and develop programs of effective education for educators, business trainers, parents and children – anyone who need to improve their study skills to enhance their scholastic, business and person success.


How does it work?
Every child has great potential and starts life with a great interest in learning. Our school is based on the premise that all children can and want to learn. The small class size and individualized curriculum ensure that your child will not only become educated, but want to know more and more.


What will my child learn?
In addition to state required-curriculum, your child will learn study and life skills that will allow them to become successful in higher education institutions and in their careers later in life. Each child’s class and curriculum is based on their own goals and interests.


Will my child receive the attention he deserves?
Absolutely. We believe the small class size gives us the ability to cater to your child’s needs. Our staff has received rigorous training in Study Technology and holds a strong interest in students’ progress, We empower each student to be responsible for their own education so when they leave our school and go on to college, they have the confidence to be able to study and absorb the information they are learning.


Is this available to all students?
We cover grades K-12 and students can start at any time during the course of their education.


How can we get started?
Call for your Free consultation and make an appointment to tour our facility. We are always in open enrollment, when available, and transfer students are welcome. Your child will take a placement test to see where they excel and where they need more.

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