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Wish List

  1. Double Stack Convection Ovens

  2. 8 Burner Stove

  3. 3 Stainless Steel Prep Tables

  4. 3 Sink Set Up

  5. Raised Beds for Outdoor Garden

  6. Seeds

  7. Organic Soil

  8. Shed

  9. Gardening Tools for Kids

  10. Van for Field Trips



  • Lusniak Aharonyan

  • Aquarium of the Pacific

  • Betsy Barragan

  • Mary Bartholomew

  • Rhoda Brown

  • Satara Caldwell

  • Casablanca Hotel & Casino

  • Casondra Davis

  • Discovery Museum

  • Tom Fallon

  • Sherry Faust

  • Brian Gardner – Manzanita

  • Golden Knights

  • Trish Hall

  • Grace Helberg-Pevchin

  • Bill Horwich

  • It Works

  • Wendy & David Jensen

  • Jeff Jonas

  • Kristin Lawrence

  • Maggie Ann’s Catering

  • Park Place Lashes

  • Larry Perna

  • Christin Renna – Jinny & Jerry Schmitz

  • Kyla & Morgan Scott

  • Alex Serrano – Form & Image

  • Melody Sharp – Sharp Music Method

  • Lusine Ter-Petrosyan

  • Yudy Thorbjornsson

  • Trader Joes

  • Suesan Walker

  • Fannie Winston

  • Tracy Xu

Donate Now

There are many ways that you can help our school here are just a few


Make a contribution:

Gifts can be made by cash, check, or credit card. Simply call us 702-737-8668 or call Suesan’s cell 702-755-2066 or mail to 1018 E Sahara Ave, Suite D, Las Vegas, NV 89104.

PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!


Make a Pledge:

Make a pledge over the next 12 months by emailing us or or call the office to set up regular gift payments. You may also make an annual pledge over several years to help ensure the School’s stability.


Join the 100 Club:

This group consists of 100 individuals and organizations who are contributing $ 100.00 or more per year to the sustaining, continuing and expanding of the School’s growth.


Designate us on Amazon smile: or look for Applied Scholastics In Las Vegas


Stocks, Bonds or Real Property:

Donate appreciated property to the Center, receive a tax deduction for the current fair market value of the asset and avoid capital-gains tax. You may also want to give stocks that do not meet your criteria for social responsibility.


Take Advantage of Employer Matching Gift Programs:

Many companies match their employees’ charitable contributions, sometimes on a 2:1 or 3:1 ratio. If your employer has such a program, your gift to the Center would automatically increase.

We are also listed on the American Express Gift Matching Program as Academy for Learning.


Establish a memorial:

You may honor a friend or a loved one with a memorial gift.


Make a tribute:

A donation honoring a special occasion, birthday, retirement, anniversary, special achievement.


Make a Bequest:

You can include the Center in your will as a recipient of either a fixed amount or a percentage of your estate.


Donate Life Insurance:

Receive a tax deduction for the cash value of a policy in which you designate the Center as the beneficiary, as well as a deduction for the annual premiums.


Life Estate Contract:

Real estate donated in return for tax advantages and the lifetime use of the property by the donor.



You can help us with special events, large mailings, renovations, or tutoring.


Spread the Word:

Help us widen our circle of friends and supporters by introducing your friends, family & colleagues to the Academy for Learning. We will be happy to meet with them and give a tour of our facility, send information or make presentations.

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